Sharing Friday aims to promote both the sharing of items and environmental sustainability in Singapore. Everyone knows the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - but how often do Singaporeans actually carry it out? Most campaigns in the past decade have focused on the recycling aspect while neglecting the need to reduce and reuse. Thus, in order to encourage Singaporeans to reduce over-consumption and improve the under-utilisation of their assets, the idea for Sharing Friday was born.


Did you know? about 22 million pairs of shoes are sold in Singapore every year, and with a population of 5.638 million people in Singapore, it is no doubt that consumer spending reached highs of SGD $38374.40 million in the third quarter of 2018.


That is not all, the average global temperature on Earth has increased by about 0.8° Celsius while sea levels have been rising at 3.2 millimetres a year and as important structures such as the upcoming Changi Airport Terminal 5 lying a mere 5.5 meters above sea level, it is pertinent that we take active steps to combat climate change or risk facing dire consequences. 



Take action and be a part of Sharing Friday by saying "no" to buying new items on Friday!


Having a games night? Borrow board games and gaming consoles from your neighbours!

Need to attend a glamorous event? Rent great outfits and accessories to wow the crowd!  


Get your friends and family on board and don't forget to capture those great memories and post them on Facebook and Instagram with the #SharingFriday!


Sharing Friday aims to be able to bring green initiatives, the Government and citizens together to form a sharing alliance, promoting the sharing and renting of assets instead of buying so as to build a sustainable Singapore.

As such, we are currently in talks with Government agencies and fellow green communities to make this a nation-wide movement.

We're still in the early ideation stage and will welcome ideas and collaborators alike with open arms. Interested? Have an idea we should implement? Get in touch at!

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