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Growing up in a low-income family with both my parents working long hours meant that most of my formative years were spent with my grandmother who cooked fantastically delicious dishes and never failed to sign my report cards whenever I did badly in school. As age caught up with her, she fell gravely ill and my family had to make a decision on how to care for her.


We emptied out the largest room in our small HDB that housed my family of six and pooled together sufficient funds to purchase the medical bed and accompanying equipment my grandmother needed, hoping to let her recuperate at home. However, by the time we got enough money and fixed the bed up, my grandmother had left us without having used it. Today, the bed still occupies a room in the flat and every time I walk past it, I wonder if there's someone out there who is currently facing the issue I did.


Upon deeper thoughts and conversations with friends and family alike, I realized that there are many immediate needs and short-term wants that come with a very high price tag, leading us to spend a ridiculous amount of money on impulse purchases and contributing to the problem of under-utilized assets. Then, the idea for SHARENT was born!


My team and I dug deeper into these problems and were appalled by the negative impact caused by over-production to meet our demands: Think about the greenhouse gases that are emitted from factories, the children that are forced to start working at a young age in factories and other production plants and those animals that are sacrificed for their fur, feathers and skin. We also looked into the post-production of chemicals and wastes that are discharged into rivers, drains and oceans. These are the stories of the items before they reach the retail stores and we, the end-users, are not only driving demand up but also under-utilising these assets. This must stop, this must end and it starts with us.


Share the joy of renting, go #BeyondOwnership.


The name “Sharent” is a combination of the words “share” and “rent”. The idea was incepted in 2016 with the vision to enable everyone to reduce wastage by renting and caring for this world that we share and live in.


To create an ecosystem of sharing through a dynamic and cohesive community of consumers and businesses with innovative technology.


Create value for everyone by going Beyond Ownership for a sustainable and shareable future





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