Managing Freelancers

Author: Anindhitha Maniath


Have you ever thought of how your company can benefit by incorporating the practice of sharing?

The rise of the gig economy is changing the landscape of the workforce dramatically. Employee sharing is becoming a very prominent practice for many companies. Companies are no longer looking to hire employees for the usual 9-5 routine, rather they’re more interested to hire freelancers. Hiring freelancers not only saves money and resources but also gives the company more flexibility and freedom.

However, managing freelancers can be quite a task. Here are some tips that your company can use to manage your freelancers.

Make sure that there is clarity in the work you’re assigning to your freelancer. Define the project and job scope and set clear objectives to ensure that the work gets done in time and efficiently.


Understand the expectations of your freelancer and clear out any concerns that he/she may have. Ensure that the allotted work is manageable and the timeline of completion is reasonable.
Be crystal clear when communicating your expectations. Let them know exactly what your desired end result is.


Invest time to get to know your freelance workers and make them feel part of the team. Clearing out any of their concerns and providing them with constructive feedback will help them to work more efficiently and bring back better results.

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