Food Sharing in Singapore

Author: Vignesh Srinivasan


We have all heard about the most popular sharing platforms. There’s bike sharing, ride sharing, car sharing etc. One type in this category that not many of us know is food sharing. Right here, in Singapore, we have a food sharing. Hcook. It is a platform that connects our community together through home cook food with the use of technology. They were able to empower moms, grandmothers and passionate home cookers, turning their dream into reality. Bringing back the long-lost home cook meal every evening, connecting families.



Let's get cooking, tell your friends and jio them for some home-cooked meal

At present, meal sharing services are still niche, which poses a challenge for them to gain customers; mostly because of doubts over food hygiene. However, all Hcook's chefs are required to be familiar with HDB/URA’s Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme and NEA’s Good Food Hygiene guideline. Hcook provides relevant information for upgrading their chefs in the Basic Food Hygiene Course and the Food and Beverage Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certification. That has been extremely helpful to the chefs at Hcook. Apart from WSQ certification, Hcook also regular conduct hygiene audit on their chefs’ kitchens to ensure proper hygiene guidelines are followed and the cleanliness of the kitchens are up to the standards regulated.


Hcook has a growing number of chefs, estimate to be 200 home chefs and a large community of users that have picked up the lifestyle of sharing. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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