Environmental Benefits

Author: Anindhitha Maniath


Resources are being used at an alarming rate, and it’s not surprising that our environment is degrading. Because of the terrible lifestyles that we follow these days, it’s scary to think of what’ll happen to our planet in the future.
One way we can help make our planet greener is by turning to the sharing economy as it offers a number of environmental benefits.

Decreases the number of goods that need to be produced
Decreasing the number of goods produced, no matter how big or small, has an impact on the environment. By renting/sharing goods, the number of goods being manufactured decreases and you save money too. It’s a win-win situation, for you and the environment.

Cuts down on industrial pollution and wastes
Due to decrease in the number of manufactured goods, the poisonous gases, wastes etc. that are emitted due to the production processes also decrease. This in turn will lead to a decrease in water pollution and air pollution, hence making our environment greener.

Makes better use of under-utilised products

Goods that we purchase and only use a few times can now be made use of by renting them out and sharing. By sharing under-utilised products, we’re reducing the depth of our carbon footprint.

Fewer wasted resources
Resources are limited and by cutting down on the production of new goods we can help preserve these resources for our future generations.

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