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Sharent aims to promote both good hygiene and safe disinfection in Singapore under this current pandemic. There is currently no known vaccine or cure for COVID-19. The best ways to protect yourself and our loved ones are still frequent and proper handwashing with soap and strict adherence to social distancing. We hope to play our part by providing rentals of disinfection terminals will provide a much needed additional layer of protection by eradicating contaminants, bacteria, and viruses that may have inadvertently clung on to the surface of your clothes and body during the course of the day. Let's stand together and play our part #SGUNITED as we emerge from the circuit breaker and embrace the new normal.


As you pass through the terminals, a nozzle sprays a disinfectant mist on you which kills most germs and viruses.

Upon stepping through, the motion-sensor will automatically activate the disinfection process and you will undergo a 360 degrees atomised disinfection procedure in three to four seconds.

The whole process from stepping into till stepping out of the chamber will take less than ten seconds.


  1. COMPLETE - Full Body Disinfection

  2. FAST - Takes less than 10 Seconds

  3. FLEXIBLE - Works with any liquid disinfectant

  4. AUTOMATIC - No manpower required

  5. CUSTOMISABLE - Add your company branding


• Full maintenance service coverage fully waived by Sharent Singapore

• Free additional rental of 3 months on top of the period you rent

• Free additional on top of the first drum, 2 drums of 25L solution free

  1. 10% discount for new order

  2. 35% discount for order >10 bottles

  3. 40% discount for order >20 bottles

  4. >30 bottles will be discuss for batch delivery and exchange of bottles with no delivery charges


  1. Disinfection Terminals

  2. Robot Rentals

  3. Temperature Screening Equipment

  4. Negative Pressure Swab Booths

  5. ICU Pods

  6. Mobile Medical Stations

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