Robotic Lab Assistant




The SwabBot makes it more efficient to conduct mass testing during the pandemic. The machine must be cleaned, maintained and refitted with swab sticks by human hands, but the rest of the 20-second swab process is automated.


To use the SwabBot, a patient places their nostrils onto two disposable plastic nose pieces, which contain an extendable swab stick to collect samples from the nasal passageway.


Ensure safe distancing with the PuduBOT. This robot boasts a very well-balanced design. The PuduBOT inspires with an outstanding approach toward intelligent interaction.


It can move around smoothly and self-reliantly. Being equipped with ultra-wideband positioning, SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), as well as high-precision laser radar technology, make it possible for PuduBOT to navigate with high precision, allowing as many as 100 robots to be used in one single setting.


This robot can also adapt to a variety of service tasks thanks to a well thought-out modular design concept.

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